Choose a Convenient OB-GYN Communication Solution

Choose a Convenient OB-GYN Communication Solution

Sign up for our new Solution Reach service today

If you have a tight schedule, it might be difficult for you to make it to our office when you need to refill a prescription or ask your doctor a question. We have the solution—our new service, Solution Reach, is a software that allows us to communicate with you via text message.

As a patient of Casper Women’s Care, Solution Reach would allow you to reach us securely and remotely during our regular business hours at our regular phone number. You can not use Solution Reach if you need urgent assistance after hours or during the weekend.

3 reasons to sign up for Solution Reach today

We're here to provide comprehensive and reliable OB-GYN services to our clients. Our new Solution Reach service is a convenient way to enhance the doctor-patient relationship at Casper Women's Care. Here are three great reasons to sign up for the program today:

1.It's safe-all patients who use Solution Reach sign a HIPAA consent form. We've taken an oath to never share your personal medical information.
2.It's convenient-you can request appointments and send or receive secure medical information like prescription refill requests.
3.It's reliable-we'll text you reminders, so you never miss an appointment with Casper Women's Care.

Don't try to juggle a hectic schedule. We're making great OB-GYN service as easy as sending a text. Call 307-237-5510 to find out more about Solution Reach today.